[rockthemes_toggles toggle_type=”multiple-mode” avoid_sidebar=”undefined” boxed_layout=”false” open_toggle_index=”-1″][rockthemes_toggles_single use_shadow=”false” title=”Can only schools take part in this project?” icon_class=”” icon_url=””]Not at all, this Christmas card fundraiser is open to any club or group.[/rockthemes_toggles_single][rockthemes_toggles_single use_shadow=”false” title=”How does this work as a fundraiser?” icon_class=”” icon_url=””]There are no upfront costs to set this project up. All templates and child’s own sample card are supplied free of charge. The pricing structure for our range of products will be enclosed in your pack. It is then up to each individual school to decide their own additional fundraising cost. 

[/rockthemes_toggles_single][rockthemes_toggles_single use_shadow=”false” title=”How much should we charge?” icon_class=”” icon_url=””]We have included recommended selling prices to assist you on our brochure, however they are just guidelines. What exactly does each child receive? Depending on the order children will receive either a pack of 6 or a pack of 12 Christmas Cards, featuring their own unique artwork in full colour on heavy quality card with red envelopes included. Their name, class and school details will be printed on the back.

[/rockthemes_toggles_single][rockthemes_toggles_single use_shadow=”false” title=”How can I know when they will arrive?” icon_class=”” icon_url=””]Each order will have its own unique tracking number which you will be able to go online and access to view its progress from ordering to printing to delivery.

[/rockthemes_toggles_single][rockthemes_toggles_single use_shadow=”false” title=”Can the greeting be in Irish for Gaelscoils?” icon_class=”” icon_url=””]The greeting inside the card can be in either English or Irish, however this must be the same language choice throughout the whole school. Please see samples of Irish and English text on our website.

[/rockthemes_toggles_single][rockthemes_toggles_single use_shadow=”false” title=”Can children keep their free sample card?” icon_class=”” icon_url=””]Absolutely, and there is no obligation to purchase any of the products.

[/rockthemes_toggles_single][rockthemes_toggles_single use_shadow=”false” title=”When is the last date for Registration?” icon_class=”” icon_url=””]October 31st is our deadline in order to allow timely delivery for Christmas.

[/rockthemes_toggles_single][rockthemes_toggles_single use_shadow=”false” title=”Can templates be photocopied?” icon_class=”” icon_url=””]No. Each template has its own unique barcode printed on it. Please contact us directly for a replacement template if needed.

[/rockthemes_toggles_single][rockthemes_toggles_single use_shadow=”false” title=”Should templates be sent home to be completed by the children?” icon_class=”” icon_url=””]We feel it best to allow the children to complete their templates at school, if time allows, so the teacher can collect them and send to us directly.

[/rockthemes_toggles_single][rockthemes_toggles_single use_shadow=”false” title=”I want to sign up for this exciting project, what do I do next?” icon_class=”” icon_url=””]Simply click onto our ‘Get started here’ button to register your school.

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[rockthemes_alert_box border_color=”#FFFFFF” background_color=”#FFFFFF” font_color=”#FFFFFF” alertbox_style=”alert” icon_class=”” icon_url=”” use_close_button=”false”]If your question is not answered here please contact us on

Phone: 09064 76599

Email: info@designacard.ie


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